Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scene investigates Anthony Lucas, a/k/a Abbas Tehrani

Nashville Business Journal profile led to Scene story

On Friday, March 28, 2008, the Nashville Business Journal published this profile of a man named Anthony Lucas, identified as "the president of La Vision Advertising and publisher of El Suceso, a Hispanic weekly newspaper based in Nashville."

On May 1, the Nashville Scene followed up with this investigatory story about Lucas, starting with questions about the NBJ coverage just over a month earlier.

The Scene went sniffing after Lucas in part due to the negative reaction of local members of the Hispanic community to the NBJ piece. Scene writer P.J. Tobia, who came to Nashville two years ago as a reporter specializing in human rights and refugee immigrant rights (see story here), says his sources "approached NBJ managing editor Garrison Wells," but nothing substantive appears to have come of it, except that the businessowners then turned to the Scene.

The article in the Scene said that Lucas had been a member of the Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (TNHCC)* in the past, which prompted this letter to the editor a week later from the TNHCC disclaiming any current connection to Lucas.

how many Hispanic chambers are there in Nashville?

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