Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Luci Lampe's Countdown for Kickstarter and New Year

Photo courtesy Luci Lampe

Story by Cindy McCain

As the world counts down days to Santa and the ball dropping in Times Square, Luci Lampe is counting down the last week of her Kickstarter campaign and a year filled with blessings.  She hopes to raise funds to produce new music from which her supporters can reap benefits.

The Peruvian-born pop singer/songwriter’s first video, “Save the World,” won the “Producer’s Choice Award” for Dance Music Video of the Year at the 21st Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. There she was also nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year and has received nominations for the 2012 All Indie Music Awards for “Best Latin Artist” and “Best R&B/Soul Artist.”

Luci’s distinctive sound, a mix of Latin, R&B, and funk, is complemented by her signature style—from her creative couture to her inspirational lyrics.  The success of her EP “Live it Up” and her debut video is also due to her positive message.  For a fresh year, she challenges: “Look yourself in the eyes.  It’s time to choose.  Be the change you want to see.”   She admits:  “I am woman.  I am willing.  I am open.  I am empty of excuses.”  And, most of all, she believes:   “If we open up our hearts we can save the world.”

I met Luci last spring at the Nashville Film Festival VIP Reception honoring Hispanic filmmakers.  At year’s end I asked her to give me her top three highlights of 2011.  She replied:

My top three moments in 2011 professionally were: 1) Making it on the X Factor up until a couple rounds into Boot Camp, while on crutches with a badly sprained foot. Even though they hardly showed me on tv, it was more of a personal accomplishment of knowing I did my best even with what was a major challenge for me. I had no regrets. 2) Winning a Producer's Choice Award in the 21st Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. 3) Having my first fashion show in L.A. with the Miss Peru Corporation. It was incredible seeing the Peruvian (and Colombian) ladies modeling my designs! I'm looking forward to launching my line in the spring, even if just online for now.

I asked about her musical roots and influences.  She said:

I started singing as a little kid about 4 years old, just belting out my favorite Disney songs. I had several other creative outlets growing up, but my love for singing was unparalleled. As for dancing, I didn't really explore that seriously until college, particularly after returning from a trip to Puerto Rico my freshman summer.  

My favorite artists vary greatly in style, some of which I admire more for their writing ability, vocal ability, live performance, or all three. A few of them are Alicia Keys, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Jessie J, and Christina Aguilera.

In her Kickstarter video she mentions her full plate as wife, mom, singer, songwriter, and clothing designer.  Not only did she study Music Production at Oral Roberts University but also Exercise Science.  In “Live it Up” she sings, “Let go.  Live the life you were meant to.”  I asked her secret to following a creative calling, staying fit, and raising a family.  She was honest about the paradox of having it all:

Ah, balancing career and family. The #1 question, and a good one! It's definitely a challenge, especially when you add a regular job into the mix. It comes down to family support, discipline and organization. While many girls in their 20s are going out for drinks at night, I'm often home either doing something with my kids and husband, or sewing or writing, for example. My 'going out' time right now is usually a performance, a meeting, or an event. The irony is that the music I write is intended for the fun, light moments in life, like parties or just having a good time!
And of her sustained energy,  she added:
Cliche as it may sound, God is my strength and Christ is my rock. There's absolute truth in that. I could not do all of this without Him, and  give Him all the glory because He's the one pulling this off-- not me.
Of her new project and invitation to fans to be part of the collaboration, she says:

My new recording project is primarily in English, although a few of the songs have some Spanish. I'll be co-producing some of the songs, and the length of the project depends on whether or not we reach the funding goal through my Kickstarter page by December 29th!

If you’d like to invest in creativity and buy yourself or someone the gift of new music for a new year, go here. Pledges are only collected if the project is funded in full. 

As 2012 approaches, Luci’s line in “Save the World”—“I can’t do this alone”—speaks not only to what we can’t do, but also to what we can.  With unity, faith and love we can ring in a new year of hope and peace.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

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