Wednesday, July 7, 2004

California columnist praises Certificate for Driving as innovative experiment, dismisses discrimination concerns

"Tennessee decided on a wonderful compromise: A certificate of driving that can't be used for formal identification. For example, it can't be used for buying an airline ticket. At least for now, the insurance lobby isn't sold on the idea. But don't worry. It'll come around once the companies see that illegal immigrants don't drive any better or worse and that there's money in it."

"A similar proposal by California Gov. Schwarzenegger to put a distinct mark on state driver's licenses ran into a liberal wall recently. Some worried it smacked of the Stars of David that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany, or would lead hospitals and other public institutions to treat the undocumented or their children differently."

"What this over-the-top fear doesn't account for are other forms of identification available to the undocumented, especially the IDs available from foreign consulates."

"I know what question I'd ask Kerry and Bush during their upcoming debates: Do you know what's happening in Tennessee, and do you agree or disagree?"

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