Monday, January 17, 2005

Certificate of Driving leaves bearers without identification, insurance

The Tennessean reports on the difficulties encounters by bearers of Tennessee's new Certificate of Driving, which is not meant to be used as identification. The certificate's limits in relation to a driver's license are evident in grocery stores, where a certificate-bearer can't use it to buy alcohol; and some insurance companies refuse to issue policies to certificate-bearing drivers.

"Elivic Gomez, 19, a student at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, said the certificates are worthless if the driver can't buy legally required auto insurance. ... Gomez will be required to get a certificate when her license expires in 2007 and fears the limitations and stigma of using the driving certificate. ... 'I'm in college and it's embarrassing to have to show a driving certificate,' she said. 'You pay the same money and go through the same process and then get a certificate. It's not fair when people do the same things and only get a certificate.'"

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