Monday, February 7, 2005

El Protector fosters cooperation between police and Hispanic community

NewsChannel 5 and the Nashville Business Journal report that the Metro Police department's El Protector program has become actively involved in the Hispanic community since its launch approximately one year ago. The program's face to the public, Officer Juan Borges, visits with Hispanic businesses and community members to provide access to and understanding of the police department. Businesses and community leaders brainstormed with the police department on January 31 to generate crime-stopping solutions in the Hispanic community.

" The list of recommendations includes:

* increased lighting outside and inside stores;

* the removal of large signs on shop windows that make it difficult for patrolling police to see what is going on inside;

* discouraging the gathering of people outside stores

* increased presence of security guards."

"The Jan. 31 meeting was organized by local disc jockey Alejandro Solis of La Sabrosita Spanish radio, Diana Holland of Hispanic Link Consulting and Juan Casillas of California Fashion on Nolensville Road."

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