Thursday, March 29, 2007

Artists from around the world to perform at second annual "Seeking Music" event this Saturday night in Brentwood

Chinese, Latin-Reggae-Cumbia, Andean, Indie/Pop/Acoustic, Appalachian, Arabic, Mexican, Navajo, Puerto Rican, Egyptian music, dance, and visual art

Hosted by Dr. Ming Wang and Demi Escudero of Colombia

"How many artists are there in Nashville that no one knows about because they are from other countries?"

Dr. Ming Wang, an internationally known LASIK eye surgeon, and Ms. Demi Escudero from Columbia, South America, will host the 2nd annual multi-cultural music diversity event “Seeking music, seeking vision, seeking voice” on Saturday, March 31, 2007 at 6pm in Brentwood, TN.

This unique, multi-cultural event will feature music performances from several continents and from many different countries from around the world. Dr. Wang and Ms. Escudero organized the first “Seeking” event last year and it was a sensational success with artists from 19 countries represented. While preparing for this year’s “Seeking music” event, the overwhelming response from artists and the public made the organizers move the venue to a new location with larger space to accommodate the musicians and artists from the various countries.

“A unique, multi-cultural artistic event like this is in its range of diversity”, Dr. Wang said, who together with Ms. Escudero are the founders of the “Seeking music, seeking vision, seeking voice” annual event. Dr. Wang explained: “Artistically, it is so much more fun to compare and to experience the range of different artistic expressions among the artists from different cultures and countries. Music for example is an art of contrast, namely, the very essence of music lies its contrasting themes, rhythm, tempos and musicality. The strength of multi-culture art lies not in its singular prominence like many European works of art, such as those of Da Vinci and Michelangelo, but in the range of different expressions by different cultures. When we enjoy and contrast the artistic styles and expressions of artists from different cultures and people, we truly experience the best in all of us as human beings.”

“In February 2006, I was introduced to Dr. Wang at a small gathering of musicians and artists. At once, there was a connection to the doctor. We shared many of the same views on cultural art”, co-founder Ms. Escudero said. She continued: “Dr. Wang asked: ‘How many artists are there in Nashville that no one knows about because they are from other countries? The barriers of segregating artists must be removed’. This statement from Dr. Wang caught everyone's attention immediately. That evening, ‘Seeking music, seeking vision, seeking voice’ was born. I realized that here was a visionary who saw that the barriers between cultures had to be removed in order for acknowledgement of a multi-cultural society to take root and bloom in a city of newly found cultural diversity such as Nashville.” The purpose for "Seeking music, seeking vision, seeking voice” is to collectively explore and support the talents of our multi-cultural artists through music, the visual arts and dance.

Musical performances at this year’s “Seeking music” event will include music and dance and other forms of art shows from several continents and a large number of countries. The evening will begin with a performance of the Chinese violin (er-hu) and classical guitar by Dr. Wang and Mr. Carlos Gonzales, Latin-Reggae-Cumbia by Danny Salazar, traditional Andean performance by Jaime Chavez and Calixto Cordova, photography and jewelry by Melissa Lea Albuquerque, Mexican folk art by Danny Salazar and Mexican fine art paintings by Lupita Martinez, tranditional Egyptian oriental dance by Jennifer, Chinese folk dance by Lucy Lan, Indie and pop dance by Samantha lu, Applalanchian dark folk dance by Aimee Wilson and Arabic dance by Hussam AL-Aydi. The evening will also include Rex Begaye from Sarasota, Florida, Puerto Rican fine art by Betsy Nieves, fine art show by Mike Quinones Zongzalez and traditional Columbian dance and salsa dance performed by Xiomara.

Dr. Wang described the broader significance of such a multi-culture art event in today’s society. He said: “In today’s tumultuous and warring world, there are much misunderstanding among countries and people. We increasingly realize that the most precious thing in all of our lives is peace, security, love and happiness. I firmly believe that the best way for people to live peacefully on Planet Earth and truly enjoy the spirit of the human experience is to be sensitive to and respect each other, and to truly value each human being for who he or she is, and not for who she or he should be based on what another person thinks. A multi-cultural artistic event such as this one is truly timely and much needed. It will help break the barrier among people and connect people through common interest and appreciation of art and common aspiration for happiness and joy”.

Dr. Wang, Ms. Escudero and Ms. Melissa Lea Beasley are founders of the “Seeking music” annual event and they plan to form a non profit organization that supports and exposes multi cultural artists and brings awareness of the beauty and diversity of the human race through the arts to Nashville.

For information about this year’s “Seeking music” annual event, contact Ms. Demi Escudero at and Dr. Ming Wang at $5/person (to support Seeking Music Foundation). RSVP to Ms. Escudero or Dr. Wang or call Don and Maxine Dearman at (615) 776-7262.

For more information click on the flyer below:

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