Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why is it OK to make assumptions about Hector the day laborer?

Nashville Scene - Love-Hate Mail:

The race continues

I’m glad to see that Jim Boyd, in his response to a letter that states he is a racist, sees a problem with making assumptions and accusations about a broad swath of people—in this case the anti-illegal immigration community—based on the words of a few extremists (“Love/Hate Mail,” July 26).

I only wish that Jim would require the same level of proof when it comes to undocumented immigrants. His website peddles a theory that undocumented immigrants are coming to take over the Southwest and either return it to Mexico or create a whole new country. He bases this assumption on the words of a few Chicano extremists and then extrapolates their views onto the 20 million or so undocumented immigrants.

If it is not OK to assume Jim Boyd is a racist because he shares parallel views with some White Nationalists on immigration policy, then why is it OK to assume that Hector the day laborer is secretly plotting the destruction of America because a few Mexican Nationalists feel that way?

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