Tuesday, November 13, 2007

WKRN brings U.S-Mexico border to Nashville with three-part report

Airs Wednesday through Friday

WKRN's Volunteer Voters blog has a promo of the station's upcoming three-part, on-location series about the U.S.-Mexico border. The face of the series is Christine Maddela, who already has an award-winning Minuteman report under her belt (see interview here).

More details from Maddela:
The story is a three part series beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 14 on News 2 at 10pm. Here’s the schedule:

Part 1: Wednesday, Nov. 14, News 2 at 10pm
Interview with a TN man who’s a member of the Minutemen. Hear why he packs his bags twice a year and goes to the border with other Minutemen members to watch the border, patrolling for illegal immigrants

Part 2: Thursday, Nov. 15, News 2 at 10pm
Introduction to the US/Mexico border- News 2 tours with the Border Patrol and gives Middle Tennessee a look at our country’s southern border.

Part 3: Friday, Nov. 16, News 2 at 10pm
Hear from one woman who entered the country illegally. She tells us why she’s fighting for a better life for her family.

The purpose of this story is to introduce the U.S./ Mexico border to our viewers in Middle Tennessee. The issue of illegal immigration is a controversial one, and our story shows several sides of the issue in order to educate and start dialogue about the issue.
Volunteer Voters also pointed to this story by WKRN's "That Is Messed Up" reporter Andy Cordan, on loitering-related police raids against international day laborers in a Nashville fast food parking lot.

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