Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Walwyn in last year as chairman of the board of the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber

Goodpasture Christian graduate with Cuban heritage, founded Nashville law firm

Nashville attorney Marc Walwyn is in his last year as chairman of the board of directors of the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce*, which is more commonly associated with its President, Yuri Cunza. Walwyn addressed the group in its recent annual meeting (text of address below), highlighting increased influence and interaction with other local and national groups. Profiles of the full board are available here, including one of Walwyn:
Marc Walwyn is an attorney of Cuban heritage and the founder of the only certified minority owned law firm in Tennessee. Marc is very proud that his lawyers and staff speak to clients in their own language which include Portuguese, Korean and Spanish. While serving large American companies, Walwyn takes pride on serving families and those who need an advocate. He served as an Administrative Law Judge in Chicago before returning to his home town of Nashville. Marc graduated from Goodpasture Christian High School, obtained his B.A. from Carleton College in Minnesota, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School where he served as Administrative Editor of the Wisconsin Law Review.
Walwyn's address to members of the chamber:
Dear members,

Last year has been both challenging and exciting for the NAHCC. Re energized by our successes we at the NAHCC will continue the work that will strengthen our Hispanic businesses and aggressively move the NAHCC forward.

This work cannot be done unless we all team up JUNTOS, because TOGETHER we can make a difference.

Serving as NAHCC Chairman has given me the opportunity to work with our Board of Directors to move the organization towards financial self-sufficiency.

This is a hard task for any volunteer board; I am very appreciative to those who have invested time and effort to advance the work of the NAHCC.

To our Board, President, staff and volunteers: THANK YOU for your determination and hard work.

Highlights from last year include our increased our influence and participation with the mainstream business community and government. We are here to serve our members, but to serve our members we are to work diligently, creating opportunities, building the much needed trust, creating a bridge between communities. In order to move forward the PARTICIPATION of all of us is needed.

To our members and supporters who helped us this past year, we THANK YOU for your time and commitment. JUNTOS we are creating a better Nashville for all.

Marc Walwyn
NAHCC Chair 2006-2008
Upcoming events and announcements can be found on the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber's web site.

how many Hispanic chambers are there in Nashville?

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