Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nashville Rotary needs local Spanish-speakers for Argentina exchange program

"To foster a better understanding of each country’s culture and promote friendships between the participants and their hosts"

Call for local businesses with Spanish-speaking management, other volunteers

The Rotary Club of Nashville (District 6760) sent the following announcement to its members calling for participation in two exchange/study projects with Argentina Rotarians:
Group Study Exchange to / from Argentina

Do you speak Spanish or have a household member who does?

Dana McLendon, Board member and International Service Liaison and Tom Turk, GSE Committee Chairperson need your help on two initiatives.

First: Receiving Team from Argentina

From April 16 to May 19, 2009, our Rotary District (6760) and a district in Argentina will exchange Group Study Exchange Teams for almost five weeks. In the last several years, we have exchanged GSE teams with English speaking countries (England and Australia) or regions of other countries where English is widely spoken as a second language (France).

We understand that English is not widely spoken in the northern provinces of Argentina where our Rotarian visitors live. For that reason, we want to put together a Spanish-language resource list. Specifically:

1. Do you or a member of your household speak Spanish?
2. Do you have a close friend, neighbor, or relative (not in your household) who speaks Spanish?
3. Do you know of sizeable Middle Tennessee businesses where there are Spanish speaking members of management (possible tour sites for the in-bound GSE team visitors)?

If your answer to any of these (or similar) questions is “yes,” please email Suzanne at: with a copy to GSE Committee Chairperson Tom Turk at:

Second: Outbound Trip to Argentina

We need to identify and encourage young professionals (age 25-39) who speak Spanish to apply to be outbound team members, plus Spanish-speaking Rotarians desiring to apply to be the team leader of the outbound District 6760 Tennessee team. Preference will be given to conversational and fluent Spanish speakers.

The interviews/ selection for team members and the team leader will be held Saturday, October 18 at the Renaissance Center in Dickson.

Interested persons can find the application form for Group Study Exchange at Completed applications are submitted through any District 6760 Rotary Club.

Thank you.

Rotary GSE Trip to Argentina

The purpose of the trip will be to foster a better understanding of each country’s culture and promote friendships between the participants and their hosts. While in Argentina the group will stay in the homes of Rotarians, see spectacular sites and scenery, and meet the fascinating people of this country.

NON-ROTARIAN Team Members: Individuals who apply for the Group Study Exchange Team must be twenty-five through thirty-nine years of age and employed full time in the area. They must also be able to leave their employment for the period of the exchange or approximately a month. Rotarians and their families are not eligible to be team members.

ROTARIAN Team Leader: The team leader acts as advocate, confidant, mediator, organizer, intermediary, consultant, colleague, friends, motivator, arbitrator, and protector of team members. As the only Rotarian on the team, the team leader is expected to assume complete control of the team and put its interests first.

Criteria for Team Leader:

---Be an experienced Rotarian;

---Not be the current district governor, immediately past district governor, or district governor-elect;

---Remain with the team for the duration of the exchange;

---Be willing and able, physically and mentally, to keep pace the GSE;

---Not be accompanied by a spouse, companion, or other relatives or dependents.

Applications for both a team leader and team members are available through the Rotary Club of Nashville; PO Box 110102; Nashville, TN 37222-0102. Applicants can also call 615-781-2700, fax 615-781-2775 or e-mail

Deadline to file applications is: September 30, 2008.

Group Study Exchange Application forms (both team member and team leader) can be downloaded from the Rotary International website


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