Friday, February 6, 2009

Still facing cancer, Tim Chavez joins Williamson Herald columnist roster

The Williamson Herald reports here that former Tennessean columnist Tim Chavez has debuted a weekly column at that publication. As of today, a search for Tim Chavez at the Herald leads to three columns posted so far, under the title "The People's House."

Chavez lost his job at the Tennessean in 2007 due to a bout with leukemia. He subsequently returned to writing at his own blog Political Salsa.

Chavez had announced the upcoming move to the Williamson Herald last month, with hopes to be expanding to five regional papers. The announcement comes as a reversal of sorts, since Chavez had said in December that he was leaving town.

As for the leukemia, Chavez reported as recently as this past Monday that he sees "great risk" of quick death due to recent developments. He writes at his blog that if he could have given a final message to his former readers at the Tennessean before his departure in 2007, this would be it.

Image: Williamson Herald

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