Monday, June 29, 2009

Vandy prof looking for families to help with grad course on English language learning

from Rubén E. De Peña, Community Outreach Manager, Non-English Language Background Populations, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools:
During the month of July, Dr. Brad L. Teague, from the Department of Teaching and Learning of Vanderbilt University, will be teaching a graduate-level course focused on English language learners at Vanderbilt University, and he is looking for 8-10 local Hispanic families that might be willing to spend some time with his students while the course is in session. The students (all of whom are certified teachers in a variety of subject areas) would be willing to tutor the Hispanic children and/or help the families (including adults) improve their English. Also, if there are other ways in which they could help, they would be glad to do so. In exchange, Dr. Teague would like for his students to learn more about Hispanic cultures, get a first-hand glimpse into the daily lives of immigrant families, and interact one-on-one with school-age children and their parents. The ultimate goal of the project is for future teachers of ELLs to learn more about the lives, interests, and backgrounds of local immigrant children so that they can use this information to enhance their instruction.

The families will be asked to spend at least three (3) hours per week with 1-2 students from July 6-July 31 and, ideally, they will include them in a number of family activities and/or community events. Dr. Teague’s students will talk with them, participate in activities with them, and provide them help with academic tasks. The specific meeting times and places are flexible, and his students will have transportation. Needless to say, the privacy and personal wishes of the families will be respected at all times.

If you know of any families that might be willing to participate, please contact Dr. Teague as soon as possible at or 336-225-3233 (cell). He would be happy to speak with either you or individual family members to answer any questions or concerns (in Spanish or English, as desired). Given that the course starts next week, he is anxious to work out the details of the project pronto!

Please spread the word. This is an excellent opportunity for the Hispanic families to interact with these Vanderbilt University graduate students. Once again, the training starts Monday, July 6 until Friday, July 31. To register, please contact Dr. Teague at or 336-225-3233 (cell).

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