Thursday, August 12, 2010

Murfreesboro chapter brings Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to Rutherford County

Members include España owner Gilberto “Beto” Mendoza, Yellow Taxi Plus owner Carolina Rivas, and Upscale Barbershop owners Joseph Coriano and Alberto Guzman

The Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce* has expanded into Murfreesboro. The Executive Director of the new Murfreesboro area chapter is Cameron Parrish, who has worked with the Hispanic community via the U.S. Census Bureau, according to the Daily News Journal.

An "After Hours Networking Event" is scheduled for Thursday, August 19, at 5:30pm at Bobby McKee's in Murfreesboro.

The mission of the Murfreesboro area chapter, according to its Facebook page, is fivefold:
  1. serve the needs of the local Hispanic business community in Murfreesboro and surrounding communities
  2. facilitate individual business growth
  3. provide access to information and educational opportunities and
  4. provide local, non-partisan representation and advocacy to support the interests of our members
  5. serv[e] as a bridge for non-Hispanic enterprises to gain exposure with Spanish-speaking consumers and businesses to generate opportunities for mutual economic benefit
The Murfreesboro Post reports that "meetings of the local chapter are held every Tuesday at 7 p.m. at España at 211 W. Main St., just off the Public Square." The Post article also quotes España owner Gilberto “Beto” Mendoza and Yellow Taxi Plus owner Carolina Rivas about the benefits of membership. Rivas also owns Checker Cab in Nashville and was among seven taxicab company owners who received a certificate of appreciation for making the post-flood CMA Festival flow smoothly.

The Daily News Journal quoted businessowners Joseph Coriano and Alberto Guzman of Upscale Barbershop (Facebook/Twitter):
"We have a new shop here, and we want to reach out to the Latino community and let them know there's a place, not specifically for them, but it's a place where they can come. We speak Spanish, and want to create a diverse shop," Coriano explained, adding that both he and Guzman have Puerto Rican roots.
The Daily News Journal also reports that a Tennessee State University study shows that there are 1,400 Hispanic-owned businesses in the Nashville area.

how many Hispanic chambers are there in Nashville?

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