Wednesday, September 1, 2010

...and we're back

Notice anything different about the URL and uppermost part of the homepage today?

Hint: it's not so much what's been added, but what's been removed.

Comment below and e-mail me if you notice the changes.  I'll choose one winner to receive a free mug.  (You have to spot both changes to win!)


  1. It may have been there before, but I did not notice it...FEEDBACK tab. It looks great and love the Twitter conversation as well.

  2. The URL doesn't have the blogspot anymore and you're not selling the header anymore. What did you do with all that roooom? That piece of Blue Guitar by Jairo Prado looks good! - castillo615

  3. castillo615 spotted one of the two changes. Since the other change is actually a few weeks old, that one doesn't count. So I'm still looking for a winner, or should I just give castillo615 half a mug?

  4. You got me - Idk what the other change is - castillo615


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