Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Support rises in Tennessee for naturalization of illegal immigrants

Tennesseans agree 2-1 that we should "deal with illegal immigrants currently in the United States" by "creating a way for them to become citizens."

That was the opinion of 64% of respondents to a statewide poll conducted by Vanderbilt University in January 2011, according to the Tennessean.  Only 1% favor an unconditional grant of citizenship; 63% of the 64% who favor citizenship expect applicants to meet certain conditions.

Support for naturalization of illegal immigrants is rising in Tennessee - by 13% over the past two years - if you take into account a 2009 statewide poll on this subject by MTSU, that showed 51% of Tennesseans supporting the idea that illegal immigrants "should be allowed to stay".

Read the full story about the 2011 Vanderbilt poll in the Tennessean.

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