Monday, March 28, 2011

A lot going on this week; let's get started

Photo by Jorge Garcia.  Licensed via Creative Commons.

In no particular order:

Brown Bag Lunch "Political Violence and Cocaine Production in Southern Colombia" with Oscar Jansson is Tuesday, March 29 at 12:15pm; Vanderbilt University, Buttrick Hall Room 123. RSVP to Norma Antillon or at 615-322-2527

Scarritt Bennett's Diversity in Dialogue series on immigration starts soon; registration deadine is March 29

Understanding the Nashville Hispanic Community - a seminar for non-profits. April 1, 2011; 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM at Center for Nonprofit Management. Improve your cultural competency through Hispanic diversity training. Participants will look at changing demographics of the Latino community in Nashville; the complexity of the social, economic, cultural, legal, and political issues, which locally impact the Latino experience; and how the nonprofit sector can best serve this growing population. Instructor(s): Maitane Tidwell, President of Inclusive Communications, LLC. Fee: $60.00 for CNM Members; $125.00 for nonmembers; $25.00 for students

Avancemos Juntos Hispanic higher education conference is April 8.

The high cost of yet another deportation approach at the state level - two articles from the Knoxville and Memphis dailies

More reporting on the recently released 2010 Census numbers: the majority of Nashville kids are not white (now who's a "minority"?); how growth brings jobs; and how Middle Tennessee leads the state in growth.  All from the Tennessean.

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