Thursday, October 6, 2011

The South's Latin kitchens get front-page treatment and new cookbook

Alba Gonzalez-Nylander and Loraine Segovia-Paz on the front page of Wednesday's Tennessean

Nashville foodies looking for a Latin twist in the kitchen have had plenty of reading material this week.

Nashville Cooks

Yesterday's Tennessean ran a top-of-the-front-page teaser banner for the latest installment of its "Nashville Cooks" series, in which the paper "visit[s] the home of one family each month who will teach us how to prepare a traditional family meal that’s healthful, inexpensive, easy and made from scratch."  Alba Gonzalez-Nylander and Loraine Segovia-Paz are the featured chefs this week. Here is an excerpt from that article:
Alba, who works in video production, and Loraine, who runs Hispanic newspaper La Noticia, have made full lives for themselves in the United States. And though they live far from their home countries, cooking still helps take them back.
Alba's Venezuelan roots and Loraine's Bolivian roots, and the connection of those earlier times to the food they cook today, are featured prominently in the story.

The New Southern-Latino Table

Earlier this week, Carrie Ferguson-Weir's Bilingual in the Boonies blog featured North Carolina author Sandra A. Gutierrez. Gutierrez will appear at the Southern Festival of Books October 14 to promote her 2011 cookbook The New Southern-Latino Table. More details at Carrie's post, but here is an excerpt:
The 150 original recipes explore the melding of cultures, ingredients and cooking techniques of more than 20 Latin American countries with that of the traditional American South. We can only say Wepa, Y’all, to that.
Gonzalez was born in the U.S. and raised in Guatemala. She was a long-time food writer for the Cary, NC newspaper.

Best of Nashville

Today's 2011 "Best of Nashville" edition of the Nashville Scene will surely have some Latin venues and dishes among the winners, as well. Check it out.


One last tip for the Latin foodies: check out Cindy McCain's recent video "Pot Luck," a tribute to the food and fellowship of Sheyla Paz-Hicks' "Copacabana" parties.

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