Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank you for the food: a love letter to Nolensville Road and El Amigo

Photo by Michael W. Bunch © Nashville Scene. Used with permission.

Nolensville Road and taco shop El Amigo get a love letter for their food, in this week's pre-Thanksgiving edition of the Nashville Scene. The piece by Sean L. Maloney is part of a cover story made entirely of open letters to "the city we love, the people we admire from afar and some other stuff we generally find tolerable about life, all in an open forum."

The writers said they aren't expecting a reply, but that they "wouldn’t mind a retweet." So, with the Scene's permission (confirmed by e-mail), here's a snippet of a food lover's thank-you letter to Nolensville Road and El Amigo:
An Open Letter to Nolensville Road
By Sean L. Maloney 
First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for smelling like meat at almost all times. Specifically, meat cooked over low heat for hours on end. That could be my favorite scent in the whole olfactory spectrum, and nothing says “we’re home” to my wife and me after a long trip like the whiffs of barbacoa and al pastor that waft into the car once we get off the highway on the way back to nuestra casa.
[N]ow that we’ve traded in our 500-square-foot yuppie cage for five rooms on the South Side, we’re eating like champs for half the cost. And the options! Even if we’re being super-duper lazy and don’t want to go past the end of our street, we’ve still got a globe’s worth of options: Ghanian over at Musaake, the best chicharron de queso papusas in town at La Papuseria Salvodoreana, grocery stores featuring the fare of at least four continents! 
It’s like we’ve died and gone to foodie heaven! Except we’re not dead, and there’s still money left in our bank account. But the best thing about living right next to Nolensville Road, at least for this record critic, food lover and full-time nightclub denizen, is that El Amigo — the convenience store-cum-taqueria on the corner of Elysian Fields — is open after the bars close....
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