Thursday, February 21, 2013

Alicia Partnoy and Open House Hosted by Global Education Center

Alicia Partnoy

by Cindy McCain
"I'm just trying to change the world. That's all," says Ellen Gilbert, Executive Director of The Global Education Center which she founded in 1997. By offering community events, school programs, and classes taught by multicultural masters, the GEC is fulfilling its mission “to highlight the commonalities of all people while creating experiences in the arts that aid in dispelling myths, dismantling stereotypes, unlearning biases and alleviating fears. “ One such initiative is Line Breaks, a literary reading series, which on Thursday, February 21 will host writer and human rights activist, Alicia Partnoy. The event is at 8 PM at the Global Education Center, located at 4822 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37209. The event is free but donations are appreciated.
Partnoy, author of The Little School: Tales of Disappearance and Survival, is one of few survivors of some 30,000 Argentineans who “disappeared” when taken political prisoners after the death of Argentinian President Juan PerĂ³n in the military coup of 1976. Partnoy, who had become an activist of the Peronist Youth Movement while attending Southern National Universiity, was taken from her home and her 18-month old daughter in 1977. At a secret concentration camp called “The Little School,” she was blindfolded for months and severely abused. She has since served as Vice-Chair of Amnesty International USA. Currently she teaches at Loyola Marymount University and presides over Proyecto VOS (Voices of Survivors) which brings survivors of state sponsored violence to lecture at United States Universities.
Also through Friday, February 22 the Global Education Center is hosting an Open House at their satellite studio at Casa Azafran Community Center, located at 2195 Nolensville Road, Nashville, TN. A week of free classes which began February 18 will end with a Modern Jazz class for Teens/Adults at 7 PM February 21 and Naam Yoga for Teens/Adults Friday, February 22 at 4:30 and 6 PM. Other classes offered weekly include Salsa for Teens with Steven Damo and Hip Hop for Teens/Adults with Alejandro Rivera. For the complete schedule for both locations including everything from percussion to belly dance to tango, visit or call 615.292.3023. Likewise, contact GEC to book artists for events from West Africa, Polynesia, South India, China, Spain, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. Photography below by Ross McLaren
Shaolu McLaren, Teaching Artist at GEC, Welcomes  Donelson Christian Academy to Chinese New Year Celebration at Casa Azafran

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