Friday, September 24, 2004

Federal judge hears discrimination challenge to certificate of driving law

"An attorney representing Hispanics in Tennessee said Thursday in federal court that the state’s new driver’s license laws are discriminatory against legal and illegal aliens and should be struck down."

"'Troopers divided people because of their nationality and the way they looked and the color of their skin,' said [Attorney Jerry] Gonzalez. 'It sends chills up my back thinking how black people were treated in the 1960s.'"

"State attorney Mike Meyers said the new law 'does not target any group.' Following Sept. 11, he said the driver's license was one of the main ways terrorists were able to legally move around the United States, and Tennessee was just looking for a 'protective means to prevent abuse of licenses.'"

"'The government thinks it can run a flag up the pole, call it homeland security and everybody will bow down and nobody will know what they're doing,' Gonzalez told the judge Thursday."

"Federal Judge Todd Campbell said he would make a ruling as early as next week."

Nashville City Paper, Williamson County Review AppealWKRN

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