Friday, September 3, 2004

Hispanic AIDS charity benefits from controversial Frist fundraiser in NYC

"Senate Republican leader Bill Frist turned over six $500,000 checks to organizations battling AIDS on Wednesday and defended his fund-raising efforts that resulted in the $3 million."

"'The supporters (who donated money) got absolutely nothing but the satisfaction of knowing they save lives, now and in the future,' he said."

"The six charities receiving the $500,000 checks [include] Esperanza USA: Pledge of Hope, described in World of Hope materials as an anti-AIDS initiative established by 'one of the largest Hispanic faith-based community development corporations.'"

"Wednesday night Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., was able to raise unlimited money from undisclosed sources by staging an outdoor concert at Rockefeller Center as a charity fund-raiser for the fight against AIDS."

"Some of the major AIDS activists disapprove, even though a percentage of proceeds will go to AIDS charities."

"Salih Booker, executive director of Africa Action, an organization dedicated to improving social conditions in Africa, said such events were 'a way of giving tax deductions to people who are simply trying to buy access to power.'"

Scripps Howard News Service,

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