Thursday, April 14, 2005

Saturday guitar gala brings Jose Feliciano to Nashville

The Nashville City Paper reports that Jose Feliciano will perform with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra this Saturday.

"The third annual Gibson and Nashville Chamber Orchestra Guitar Festival presents in the NCO guitar gala Saturday three exceptional soloists, none of whom have ever remotely been concerned with categories, genres or stylistic restrictions. John Jorgenson, Jose Feliciano and Gary Morse have performed everything from rock to blues, R&B, pop, jazz, classical, flamenco and Latin — sometimes in one setting."

"Jose Feliciano has received 16 nominations and won six Grammys in an incredible career that has also seen him appear on 45 gold and/or platinum records and win five Guitar Player magazine reader’s polls. Feliciano is know for both furious forays and delicate, sentimental ballads, and he’s recorded over the years in Spanish and Italian as well as English, while cutting jazz, rock, classical, flamenco and pop sessions. He’ll be joined by the NCO on such numbers as 'Light My Fire,' 'Through The Eyes of Love' and 'Nina.'"

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