Thursday, April 21, 2005

Tyson CEO promotes integration of expatriate employees

The Tennessean interviewed Tyson Foods CEO John Tyson, who commented on his diverse workforce.

"We have 30 countries and 30 languages represented in our plant. That language barrier can create concern and fear."

"One of our biggest challenges is to try to help people learn how the system works. Within our company, we have people who help teach employees how to use the banking system. If you stop and think about what you can add to the process, it's how to use this great country. We've worked with employees on qualifying for home loans at a lower rate and helping them out with down payments through Freddie Mac."

"Becoming homeowners helps our team members assimilate into the community. If you own something vs. rent, your net worth goes up significantly, not to mention the self-worth and confidence that comes from it."

"For us, what we have to do is make progress in finding those who want to achieve more. Sometimes folks that get started in our plants have had to get started (there) because they couldn't go on to college or get a two-year degree. But they've got some talent. So how do you find those with talent and skill and create an environment where they can take additional educational programs, and maybe aspire to become the plant manager over time, which is farther than they ever thought they'd be able to get."

Tyson Foods is a "Fortune 100 company that sells $26 billion a year of chicken, beef, pork and other meat products."

"The company has six facilities in Tennessee, including a beef and pork plant in Goodlettsville and a poultry plant in Shelbyville."

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