Thursday, January 5, 2006

Nashville company debuts Hispanic employee benefit enrollment service

Nashville-based Cornerstone Enrollment Services announced in this press release the debut of Hispanic Enrollment Service, designed to more successfully enroll Hispanic employees in employee benefit programs.

Until now, a “Hispanic enrollment” meant simply hiring some bilingual enrollers. But the actual enrollment is the result of a benefit communications process that determines employee interest and participation in the enrollment.

A study of barriers to health coverage for Hispanic workers concludes, “The benefit materials are many times not written in Spanish, making it very difficult for non-English speaking employees to have access to this information, which affects the number of new hires that enroll and participate in such programs.” (Snapshot in Time Close-Up, State Public Policy Group, 2000)

In response to this pressing need, Cornerstone Enrollment Services announces its comprehensive, turnkey Hispanic Enrollment Service.

Cornerstone provides a turnkey Spanish-language enrollment, providing all the materials and services — not just bilingual enrollers — necessary for a successful enrollment:

-- Customized pre-enrollment communication materials in Spanish, including paycheck inserts, product brochures & information, flyers & posters, personalized benefit statements, group presentation materials, and one-on-one marketing materials;
-- Bilingual presentations for group meetings;
-- Bilingual career benefit counselors;
-- Insurance policies in Spanish (certain carriers only).

"In order for many Hispanic employees to understand the benefits being offered during an enrollment, pre-communication materials in Spanish are essential," said Sylvia Tellez, the bilingual Director of Hispanic Enrollment Services for Cornerstone. "Unless they know what benefits the enrollment is providing, Hispanics tend not to participate, even when bilingual benefit counselors are provided."

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