Monday, April 24, 2006

Mistakes in immigration enforcement threaten health and freedom of U.S. citizens, legal immigrants

The Tennessean reports in this article that poor and elderly U.S. citizens may be improperly excluded from TennCare as a result of new I.D. requirements related to immigration.

"Glenda Shearon, assistant DHS commissioner for Adult and Family Services, believes few illegal immigrants are receiving TennCare."

"'It has not been an issue,' Shearon said. 'This is an extra burden that will bear little positive results or change. The reality is it could hurt people who are really entitled to these benefits.'"

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports in this story that "Temple Black, a spokesman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in New Orleans ... said he didn't know how many of those picked up in the Memphis area were actually without legal documentation or what was happening with those workers."

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