Monday, April 3, 2006

Nashville's pulpits express solidarity with immigrants

"Reverend Phillip Beisswenger, said he was there to be supportive, 'I come here in the spirit and the word of God which says you are no longer a stranger. You are members of the family of God. I am the father of three children. I see the struggle of the kids of undocumented parents. We see a lot of people that are not happy, a lot of people that are disoriented. Brothers and sisters, like everyone, I love my country, but the truth is that immigration laws are outdated. We do not want the United States to be the divided states.'"
Tennessee Immigrant Media Center, 3/30/2006

"Father Brent, a representative of the Nashville Catholic Diocese, said his grandparents were immigrants, 'My grandparents came here over 100 years ago from Europe and like so many immigrants they made this nation great. In the past twenty years you have come here to make this an even greater nation. The Catholic church supports you 120%. We will work with you to get you a driver's license. We are going to work hard to allow you men and women to get married legally. We are going to work with our politicians and President Bush to make many of you citizens of the United States of American. It can be done. Together it will be done.'"
Tennessee Immigrant Media Center, 3/30/2006

"Reverend Henry Blaise said he was there [at Nashville's immigrant solidarity rally] to affirm that all human life is valued, 'No one is a criminal in the eys of God, I am here to say to you today that we stand in solidarity. Whenever anyone's dignity is called into question, all of our dignity is called into question. I come to say to you today that as children of God you have a right, the same right that the declaration of independence upholds, that we hold these truths to be self evident, that all are entitled to certain inalienable rights among those being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We want to say to Senator Frist that we are here today to reinvigorate an American democracy. The people united will never be divided.'"
Tennessee Immigrant Media Center, 3/30/2006

"This law has awakened a sleeping giant - the immigrant population - that is rising up to say: 'We're not leaving, and if you throw us out, we'll be back,'" said Jose Rodriguez Marin, bishop of the Hispanic Church of God in Nashville, Tennessee.
MercoPress, 3/28/2006

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