Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Interview with Nashville's beauty queen/radio star Janet Abeja

WNVL Activa 1240AM sent out this pre-packaged interview with their radio personality Janet Abeja, the reigning Miss Tennessee Latina. Abeja is known to her listeners as "La Barbie."

The bubbly, fun female voice you hear early mornings on Activa 1240AM belongs to “La Barbie”, the radio persona of a young rising star in Nashville’s Latin community, Janet Abeja. We interrupted La Barbie to find out more.

“Working for Activa1240 at the moment is incredible. The morning show El Gallo de la MaƱana y la Barbie is a lot of fun. We try to be as entertaining as possible but also we try to listen to our people and help them in any way we can.”

“Both Ricardo and I believe that our listeners always come first. It is very satisfying to go home at night and know that I made a difference in someone’s day, with a laugh, some great music or some important information.”

“When I’m not at the station I keep busy doing all I can for my community and especially in helping to support Fort Campbell’s 101st Airborne in Iraq. I’m also proud to say that I will be representing the state of Tennessee in the national Miss Latina pageant later this year.”

Why the name, La Barbie?
“It is hard for me to answer this so I asked a colleague, Raquel Lopez to put it in words for me. 'Barbie is synonym of physical beauty but it also attributes to inner beauty and the ability to brighten the day of those who surround her.'”

What's your favorite night spot in Nashville?
“I truly enjoy the downtown area. I’m a city girl, so I love the buildings, the people, and the great energy.”

You are representing Tennessee in the national Miss Latina contest. What is so appealing about pageants?
“Pageants give me the opportunity to show my competitive side, meet new people with similar goals and make new friends. Pageants also push me to stay in shape.”

Do you play any sports?
“I enjoy swimming and soccer.”

What are your favorite sports teams?
“My favorite is boxing, LIVE! I also like football (Titans), and baseball (Chicago White Sox.)”

What's your favorite TV show?
“My television time is limited however, I like to watch a lot of the Fox17 shows when I can.”

If you could take just 5 cds on a road trip what would they be?
“Anything by Andrea Bocelli, Mana, Juanes, Shakira, and La Secta.”

What do you like about your radio partner Ricardo?
“I like the ease in what he is able to take the morning show in which ever direction is necessary or most appropriate for the radio. His sense of humor is the best! Even when we are off the air, we are still laughing and joking. He brightens my mornings and pushes me to being a better person; he's kind of like a big brother to me.”

Where is your family from?
“My family is from Michoacan, Mexico. I’m first generation born in Chicago, and very proud of my roots and background. I look forward to passing down my traditions to my children when I have a family.”

How important is your family to you?
“I think that family is the only true treasure worth any sacrifice.”

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