Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Woman justifies theft from Hispanic grocery store in Dayton

The Tennessean reports in this story that a woman has admitted to stealing a Mexican flag from a Hispanic grocery store in Dayton but denies any wrongdoing:

"June Griffin, an advocate of Ten Commandments displays and a frequent political candidate, has pleaded not guilty to civil rights, vandalism and theft charges after a Hispanic grocery store owner said she stole a Mexican flag."

"Griffin has said she took the flag because public officials refused to act on her requests to restrict displays of flags to only American flags. She said she took the Mexican flag to a rally she attended and later gave it to police."

"Griffin, 67, pleaded not guilty to charges of civil rights intimidation, phone harassment, theft under $500 and vandalism at a hearing in Rhea County circuit court on Friday."

This is another example of things "getting ugly" (most recent story here) because some Tennesseans are acting ugly instead of showing love (story here).

Hat tips: Volunteer Voters, Nashville21

Focus: Justice

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