Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Language ban moves forward - but no longer "only" English

The City Paper reports in this article that the "English-only" bill proposed by a Metro Councilman was approved at first reading, with two more readings necessary for passage, and that the key "English only" provision was amended out of the bill. The bill's sponsor, however, insisted that the "English only" effect of the bill remained, despite the amendment.

According to the Tennessean, the bill's sponsor said that "the new version definitely demands English, and only English, be used in any city communications the bill does not specifically exclude from its providence."

Bill opponent Gregg Ramos disagreed, telling the City Paper that "the new bill, as technically written, only requires Metro to produce its communications in English but does not prohibit the city from producing the same communications in other languages."

The Tennessean published this article on the Council meeting, including links to the text of the amended bill, the positions of various Council members, and e-mails to the Tennessean on both sides of the issue.

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