Friday, September 8, 2006

Nashville Scene reviews Quinceanera

The Nashville Scene published this review of the new movie Quinceanera, about the coming-of-age party thrown for 15-year-old girls in Hispanic families. Here is an excerpt:

"There are no drug dealers, racist cops, or street gangs waving guns, no neglectful parents - only loving mothers and excitable fathers who want the best for their kids, and kids like Carlos and Magdalena trying to grow up both Mexican and American. Perhaps it's inevitable that these two are destined to pull together in self-defence and self-definition, but I wouldn't call Quinceanera a sentimental journey. Old Tomas may be a sage and as close as this movie gets to cute, but his fate also points to the dark side of what is happening to traditional working class neighborhoods under siege from the predatory hubris of the rich. 'You live in a whole 'nother world, don't you?' says one of the white landlords who's been dallying with Carlos behind his partner's back. 'No,' says Carlos. 'You do.'"

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