Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nashville campaign against drunk driving featured in USA Today

USA Today reported here about last year's campaign in Nashville that targeted drunk driving among Hispanics:

"After several fatalities involving Hispanic men driving drunk last year in Nashville, Conexion Americas, a non-profit community organization, teamed with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, State Farm Insurance, police and Hispanic media in an initiative in Tennessee."

"'It was the first time anything like that had been done in Tennessee,' says Jose Gonzalez, executive director of Conexion Americas."

"Gonzalez sees a lack of awareness about the dangers of drunken driving among many young Hispanic men — 'especially recent immigrants from the rural areas of Mexico, Guatemala or wherever. Most likely, they didn't even own a car in their home country. These immigrants, when they come to the United States and are able to purchase a car, they don't have this drunk driving message in their paradigm. They've never been exposed to these constant messages.'"

See the original story from the Hispanic Nashville Notebook here.

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