Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Editorial Says A Lot in a Few Words

Posted by Diana Holland

I usually swing by a store around the corner of my house to pick up The City Paper. I already receive The Tennessean, and sometimes it piles up like dirty laundry – no pun intended! – before I have a chance to read it, but I seldom pass a newspaper without reading it, even if it is 2 weeks later.

Yesterday, I was finally able to read last Friday’s City Paper, and encountered a pretty well written, to the point editorial. It made me nod and then smile. There is hope for immigration, and it is coming soon. The last sentence of this editorial is what made my day yesterday. Read along, and keep your spirits up. This is good news. Saludos.

Extracted from The City Paper - June 8, 2007 Edition

Do not give up on immigration reform

The U.S. Senate and our country’s national leaders have taken another false step in the quest to reform immigration policy in our country. And the matter of America’s millions of illegal immigrants really cannot wait.A far-reaching immigration bill suffered a surprising set-back Thursday when the U.S. Senate failed to pass a procedural motion to limit debate on the legislation, the first sign to a lack of support.Ironically, amid a remarkably partisan atmosphere in Washington, D.C., the deal to reform immigration policy in America was a deal cut between Republican George W. Bush’s White House and Senate Democrats. Most of the Senate's Republicans voted against cutting of debate.The legislation is actual compromise on an issue which has become one of the most divisive of our time. It combines measures to actually get tough on immigration while also creating a realistic path for illegal immigrants to become citizens. It would strengthen our borders and create a new system to prevent companies from employing illegal immigrants. At the same time, the bill would give some 12 million illegal immigrants a path to becoming legal immigrants.Republicans in the Senate argue more time is needed to make the bill tougher with tighter mandates for border security. Some Democrats in the Senate share those concerns.U.S. Senators – including Tennessee’s – do not need to give up on this bill and the promise of compromise it holds. Illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be addressed in a reasonable rational manner. We cannot as a country allow our borders to be open and our immigration laws meaningless. We also cannot as a people enjoy the fruits of immigrant labor while not including them as part of our society.

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