Monday, June 4, 2007

The Official Language

Guest Post by Sean Braisted

For those of you who decided not to sit through the Democratic debate this Sunday (I was one of those who did not) there was a key moment during the debate where there was near unanimous agreement on an issue; whether or not English should be the "official" language of the United States.

Sen. Mike Gravel, the obligatory rube of the debates, was the only one to raise his hand in support of English as the "official" language. Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton rose in defense of inclusion:

What is funny is that I would be shocked if one person in the GOP debate would raise their hand in opposition to such a move. The differences between the two parties on who welcomes immigrants to the United States, and who spurns them couldn't have been clearer this Sunday. Look for this same question to be asked this coming Tuesday, and look for a disturbingly different result.

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