Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tennessean op-ed page asks, too much hate in immigration bureaucracy debate?

IMMIGRATION DEBATE TOO HATE-FILLED? Illegal immigration is an issue that has made a lot of Middle Tennesseans angry. Do you think the tone of the debate becomes so harsh at times that it qualifies as hate speech? Send your thoughts to Tennessean op-ed page and issues editor Terry Quillen at

Update 8/6/07: The Tennessean published the responses of Avi Poster (here), Carol Swain (here), and other readers (the online compliation of reader comments here contains more than the print version). Poster's response is the only one that uses direct-quote examples. Next to local comments, the Tennessean also ran this local column by Dwight Lewis, in which he challenges the "crisis" argument in relation to certain crimes and immigration, and this syndicated column by Ruben Navarette, in which he argues that the immigration bureaucracy debate has had racial overtones, but that it "isn't really about hate as much as it is fear and ignorance."

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