Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Income of Hispanic Tennesseans multiplies by 10 since 1990

941% jump tops all but three other states

U.S. Census shows 172,704 Hispanic residents of Tennessee in 2005; 39% increase since 2000

The Tennessean reports here that Hispanic Tennesseans, nearly half of whom are U.S. citizens (story here), have seen their income as a group increase nearly ten times over 1990 levels:
The state's 941 percent leap in disposable income among Hispanic residents since 1990 was the third-fastest growth rate among all 50 states for Latinos.... The percentage was three times higher than the U.S. average for Hispanics, the study said....

The study, called The Multicultural Economy, said gains in disposable income among Hispanics are linked hand-in-glove with population growth and fresh waves of immigration. In Tennessee, the Hispanic population was reported in U.S. Census data as 172,704 people in 2005, a gain of 39 percent when compared with five years earlier.
Photo by Brent Moore

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