Friday, September 26, 2008

Race and culture exchange program for community leaders revived (again) in Davidson Group

2007 Nashville population: 61% white, 27% African-American, 7.5% Latino

Founded in 1981; reincarnation in 2003 stalled

David Lipscomb's Institute for Law, Justice & Society steps in

The Tennessean reports here that the interracial and cross-cultural exchange effort called the Davidson Group is back on, after being founded in 1981, subsequently floundering, and being revived only briefly in 2003 (story here).

From the Tennessean:
The Davidson Group, which started in 1981 to pair up black and white Nashville community leaders who didn't know each other, is reorganizing to do the same work in what has become an even more diverse city. It will restart soon with administrative support from Lipscomb University's Institute for Law, Justice & Society.
U.S. Census statistics from July 2007 show whites make up almost 61 percent of the [Nashville] population, down from 65.5 percent in 2000; while African-Americans make up 27 percent of the population and Latinos make up 7.5 percent.
Earlier this summer, the Metro Human Relations Commission, which had administered the program, decided to turn it back over to the Nashville's Agenda steering committee, which found a new partner at Lipscomb.
Photo by Kate Andrews. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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