Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Hispanic Nashville Notebook t-shirt up for grabs

Looking for the archives' most interesting quotes, headlines, statistics, excerpts

E-mail entries to the editor

Deadline: Saturday, March 14

The Hispanic Nashville Notebook has a new t-shirt! Well, almost. The front design is above, but the back of the t-shirt hasn't been completed yet, and that's where you come in. The back will feature one or more of the best quotes, headlines, statistics, and other excerpts from over five years of the Hispanic Nashville Notebook. I am holding a contest to finalize that side of the shirt, and the winner gets a free t-shirt. Deadline is this Saturday, March 14.

The contest is simple: e-mail me at least one - and no more than ten - of your favorite quotes, headlines, statistics, and excerpts from the Hispanic Nashville Notebook archives. I will review the contest entries and come up with my own list. The person whose list comes closest to my final list wins the free t-shirt. No overlap means no winner, but I know you guys can pull this off.

The secret to this contest will be finding the stories that you think best tell the story of both Nashville and also the Hispanic Nashville Notebook, because I think I'll be leaning towards those stories to include on the back of the shirt (no guaranties, though - I could decide to go only with stories that start with "Z" - that's my call). If I choose just one quote/excerpt, I'll choose randomly from among the submissions that have it.

The two free spaces in the middle of this Bingo card are the following stories, which have a high likelihood of making it in:I'll just tack those two stories onto everyone's submissions, so you don't need to include them.

What else would be good for the top ten to go on the back of the shirt? Capitol Nashville: country music needs a Hispanic star? Argentine Tango Society forms in Nashville? Or maybe an excerpt from Tamale Treasure:
She warned that it was “hot.” I though she meant “stove hot,” but no, as my friend soon discovered, she meant hot in the way that hot can hit your stomach, then work its way back up through your lungs and ultimately engulfs you in a perfect capsicum laden cloud, causing your metabolism to accelerate, sets your heart to racing, and ends with you wiping your brow on your shirtsleeve. That kind of hot. Perfect.
The contest deadline is this Saturday, March 14, so get cracking and e-mail me your list!

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