Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nashville Salsa club ¡Diablos Que Bailan! gets together whenever and wherever the mood strikes

Spur-of-the-moment as well as scheduled events, including tonight

Cindy McCain of profiles the Nashville Salsa Meetup (also known as ¡Diablos Que Bailan!) and its founder Carey James Balboa in this story.

Here is an excerpt:
It all began as what Balboa calls a “salsa flash mob” patterned after the European craze of spontaneous social gatherings. “We started as a salsa dancing street gang. Without knives,” he adds with his signature wry humor and wide grin. Armed with his portable sound system, a cooler of ice water, folding chairs and extra pairs of dance shoes, he summons friends via text messaging to vacant parking lots and rooftops for nights of Latin dance. “It’s an awesome vibe. People walk up and ask what we’re doing. We invite everyone to join.”
View the full story here.

For the planners among us not prone to "flash mob" spontaneity, there are scheduled events listed on the group's Meetup page, including one tonight at Ibiza. To give you an idea of how seriously interested in salsa this group is, check out the number of events peppered throughout the rest of just this month: they are getting together on March 18, 20, 21 (two events that night), 26, and 28.

Author McCain has been publishing a steady stream of articles about Latin dancing in Nashville, including this story about local "Salsa Master" Gaston Vidarte, this story about Nashville's first "Salsa Blaze," this story about Salsa for Beginners instructor Alethea Kelly, and this story about Latin dance instructor lovebirds Martin Barrientos and Raven Hilton.

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  1. Carey's energy and passion is contageous. Glad to see that he is still doing what he lives. Cool.



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