Monday, November 30, 2009

Angelica Blanco expands Imagen Latina show to TV after two years on radio

The Imagen Latina radio show, hosted by Angelica Blanco, recently expanded into television, with the debut episodes available on the Imagen Latina YouTube channel.

The radio show has been running for two years and was profiled in the Spanish-language Nashville newspaper Latino News in conjunction with the show's first anniversary in 2008.

Host Angelica Blanco is also head of Imagen Marketing Consulting and was profiled by eSpanglish magazine in this 2008 article.

Blanco is from Colombia, and before she came to the United States in 2000, she worked in the diverse fields of business, dance, and military service, according to her bio. She describes a five-year process of learning English, which culminated in the opening of her own business, Imagen Marketing Consulting. Before she mastered English, however, Blanco worked first "as a cook by day and unloading trucks at a warehouse by night" and subsequently opened a commercial cleaning business claiming such clients as PF Changs and Buca di Bepo.

Blanco also worked at Conexion Americas for three years. She was the Manager of Community Outreach and contributed to the development of the Spanish information line and the creation the one-on-one case management program, helping clients with translations, appointments, and interactions with service providers.

Blanco's Facebook page reports that she was recently interviewed by the Christian Broadcast Network for a March 2010 broadcast, and her bio states:
All of my life I have seen the hand of God at work in miracles, signs and wonders.

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