Monday, November 23, 2009

Marcia Ramirez: "an exceptional talent with a totally cool sound"

Marcia Ramirez

This week's Nashville Scene has a story about Tennessee Titans quarterback Kerry Collins songwriting with Lisa Hentrich (Mrs. Craig Hentrich) and also Marcia Ramirez. Read the Scene story here and listen to the song the three of them co-wrote - "Running Out of Reasons" - here.

The name "Marcia Ramirez" caught my eye.

Marcia has lived in Nashville for 25 years and has been a back-up musician for Rodney Crowell, Patty Loveless, and others. She has released three solo CD's, all available at CD Baby, with the latest being "Life Goes On." Her first solo CD, "Compromise" was critically acclaimed and Robert K. Oermann called her "an exceptional talent with a totally cool sound. " Her second CD "The Barefoot Sessions" (2005) includes the original version of "You Belong In The Sun" which was cut by Jo Dee Messina and released on Jo Dee's Greatest Hits CD. Marcia's husband is Mike Waldron.

How Marcia Ramirez became Marcia Ramirez is the subject of “Ticket To Tulsa” on "Life Goes On." It is the true story of finding her birth parents, an experience she also describes briefly on her blog here.

Marcia's bio on her official web page is a little thin on the "biographical" in "bio," in my opinion (Marcia - how about an interview with, but a Thanksgiving thought last year offers a glimpse:
I love the quiet time in the mornings when I’m the only one up. It gives me time to reflect. Reflect on how blessed I am. Reflect on the choices I’ve made in my life that have brought me here. Some were good choices, and some were just plain wrong. But thankfully, my savior, Jesus Christ has stayed by my side and guided me through all the dumb mistakes I made to lead me where I need to be. He carried me when I couldn’t walk anymore. He pulled me in the right direction when I was heading for disaster. And He stopped me when I was going too far. No matter now I tried to turn away from Him, He never gave up on me. Never.
Marcia's next gig is at 3rd and Lindsley on Friday, December 11 opening for and then singing in Twelve Against Nature at 7pm:
3rd & Lindsley
Twelve Against Nature
816 3rd Ave S
Nashville Tennessee 37201
US (615) 259-9891
Price: $12.00

This will be a special night...with some special guests sitting with the band. AND.... the background singers get to OPEN the show with our own material!! So come early and support Kim Parent, Tim Buppert and ME as we sing some of our own songs as the Opening Act that night!! Whoo-hoo!!
Follow Marcia Ramirez here:
Facebook Fan Page

Preview Life Goes On below:

Some text verbatim from Marcia Ramirez's MySpace page

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