Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Andres Gutierrez to conduct financial seminar in Spanish at Dave Ramsey's Brentwood HQ today

The Lampo Group unveils the new Spanish-speaking face of Dave Ramsey's financial education empire

The above invitation was sent out by the Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce* to its membership, announcing today's "Financial Peace" seminar in Spanish at the Dave Ramsey headquarters in Brentwood. The seminar will be led by Andres Gutierrez, who is the new face of Dave Ramsey's financial education empire to the Spanish-speaking audience. As Gutierrez puts it, he's "the Hispanic Dave Ramsey."

According to Gutierrez, Ramsey's Lampo Group has had trouble getting market penetration with its Spanish-language DVDs, due largely to the fact that even though videos of Dave Ramsey dubbed into Spanish may be effective with the individual Hispanics who take the course, the product doesn't relate culturally to a wider a Hispanic audience. Going forward, Gutierrez will the face of the "Financial Peace" message in Spanish instead of Ramsey. Over the next year, the Spanish-language DVD course will be re-written to apply to a Hispanic cultural perspective, and they will subsequently be re-filmed with Gutierrez as the speaker. Seminars and live events will feature Gutierrez, as well.

The one-hour free event today, Wednesday, will be held at 6:30 p.m., but guests are encouraged to arrive early. The venue is Financial Peace Conference Center, 1749 Mallory Lane, Brentwood, Tennessee, 37027. For more information, call 800-781-8897 or

Dave Ramsey, on hiring Andres Gutierrez: "I've found the guy we're looking for"

"We came to Tennessee, prayed about it and felt it was a calling from God"

Andres Gutierrez joined the Dave Ramsey organization in 2009 after attending a "platinum ticket" breakfast prior to a Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover live event earlier this year, according to this recent interview with Gutierrez by his alma mater's magazine (coincidentally named Scene). Gutierrez told the Schreiner Scene how this breakfast, where he was in a room with Ramsey and only 100 other people, landed him the job:
"They were looking for someone to help reach the Hispanic community. His books had been translated, but they needed a more personal connection. I've been told he [Dave Ramsey] went back to the office after that event and said, 'I've found the guy we're looking for.'"
"They invited my wife and me to visit Nashville," he said. "We came to Tennessee, prayed about it and felt it was a calling from God. I hope to reach the Spanish-speaking community with this commonsense message so people can feel good about handling their finances."
Read the whole Schreiner Scene article here. It features a nice picture of Gutierrez with Dave Ramsey at the studio desk.

Prior to working for Dave Ramsey, Gutierrez was an owner at San Antonio-based Pax Financial Group, LLC, which still has this video featuring Gutierrez on YouTube. Prior to Pax, Gutierrez worked at MassMutual and John Hancock Insurance.

Gutierrez graduated from Schreiner University (Kerrville, Texas) in 1999 with a degree in chemistry. He played for the tennis team, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Gutierrez was born in Brownsville, Texas and grew up in Matamoros, Mexico. He moved back to Brownsville in high school and proceeded to Schreiner from there. Both Gutierrez and his wife still have family in Matamoros.

Gutierrez and his wife have been living in Nashville for four months, and he raves about how welcoming the city is, even telling the story of a neighbor bringing the couple a homemade pie, "like in the movies." The couple attends La Casa de Mi Padre church ("My Father's House") in Franklin.

The history section of the Dave Ramsey web site traces the organization's Spanish-language history back to the 2003 release of a Spanish translation of Financial Peace. In 2004, according to the same section, "Six FPU lessons are translated into Spanish, and more than 150 families go through the Spanish version of the program." A 2006 press release announces the translation of the full 13-week Financial Peace University DVD series into Spanish.

The company currently has two FPU Spanish advisors, Bengy del Villar and Jorge Hoyos.

how many Hispanic chambers are there in Nashville?

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