Friday, December 4, 2009

Knowing Your Rights in a Traffic Stop: seminar Saturday

WHO: Moderator, Attorney Lynda Jones-The Jones Law Group PLLC
Panelist, Attorney Jerrilyn Manning- Member of TN Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Panelist, Attorney Dawn Deaner- Metropolitan Public Defender
Interpreters, Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


WHEN: Saturday, December 5, from 9a.m. to noon
Free and open to the public

WHERE: PJ Hall of Fisk University's Jubilee Hall

From the Nashville Metro Police website:
Any person who feels that he or she has been mistreated by a sworn officer or a civilian employee of the police department has the right to make a complaint.
If at any time an officer or an employee of the Metropolitan Police Department mistreats, harasses, intimidates or commits a crime against you, remember the names of the officers, what they looked like and the time and date of the event.

You should then report the incident immediately. It may be reported to the officer's immediate supervisor, or any other person responsible for supervising the officer. It may also be reported to the Office of Professional Accountability (hereinafter O.P.A.), the Human Relations Commission or the Offices of the NAACP or the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
Photo by Kipp Baker. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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