Friday, February 12, 2010

Cindy McCain, salsa journalist, gives to Ecuador orphanage through "Classic Coup" t-shirts

"Working with them is perfect, because I have a real love now for Latin American culture and people"

Nashville salsa-dancing journalist Cindy McCain is featured in her this month, in an article about McCain's literary-themed t-shirt company Classic Coup, part of whose sales go to orphanages in Ecuador:
She writes regularly about interpreting literature and understanding the classics at, where visitors can also learn about her latest literary initiative — T-shirts.

Born out of a conversation with former student and current designer Angela Muir, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Classic Coup, Inc., sells T-shirts with the aim of literally putting the word about literature on the street. From the text message-style “Party at Gatsby’s” to an imaginary Facebook page for the character Laura from Tennessee Williams’ play “The Glass Menagerie,” these stylish shirts bring the classics into modern, everyday life.
A newfound interest in the decidedly unbookish area of salsa dancing (a subject McCain writes about for combined with the desire to help others led McCain and Classic Coup to a collaboration with Kaleo Kids, a nonprofit organization that provides supplies to orphanages in Ecuador. A percentage of Classic Coup profits goes to Kaleo Kids. “Working with them is perfect, because I have a real love now for Latin American culture and people,” McCain says. “This is something that will hopefully bring education and good things to children there.” She has also become more interested in classic works by Latino authors, such as The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros and Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez — an interest she intends to share with students and blog readers alike.

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