Friday, February 12, 2010

Lipscomb hosts inaugural breakfast this morning for youth excellence series "La Sangre Llama"

"'The Blood Beckons' ... speaks to the intense, indelible bond between family members"

YMCA Hispanic Achievers, State Farm also partner

From Lipscomb University:
Lipscomb University is partnering with La Sangre Llama, the YMCA Latino Achievers and State Farm® to present the inaugural event of La Sangre Llama – The Blood Beckons on Feb. 12.

La Sangre Llama begins with a breakfast for Nashville’s business and civic community leaders at 8 a.m. today, Feb. 12, in Lipscomb University’s Ezell Center. At the breakfast, “La Sangre Llama” co-founders will present the results of focus groups conducted with local youth discussing their reality, their challenges and their future. The breakfast is $25 per person. Each attendee will receive a copy of the La Sangre Llama report.

La Sangre Llama is a series that seeks to encourage Latino youth to excel through education and service to their community while preserving their cultural values. Following the breakfast, a “Lessons Learned” conference for Latino high school and college students featuring motivational sessions with four nationally recognized Latina leaders will take place. After the conference, participants will be paired with mentors in an effort to develop a sustainable support system for the students.

“’La sangre llama’ is a Spanish ‘dicho,’ a phrase that speaks to the intense, indelible bond between family members,” said Eva Maldonado, La Sangre Llama co-founder and a clinical psychologist. “It goes to the heart of the bond between members of the Latino community who share a common cultural identity, a set of core values. As a bicultural individual, I recognize the importance of maintaining those values that define you as a person while simultaneously functioning effectively in another culture. This is the message to our Latino youth.”

Co-founder Zulma X. Barrios, a Latina community leader and multicultural consultant, describes the program as “an effort to educate the youth and the community, to create a cross-cultural dialogue in the face of the Latino population boom in cities experiencing rapid, recent growth.”

This event follows Lipscomb University’s ground-breaking Hispanic Forum dialogue, “Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors,” which began last April. Lipscomb’s focus on identifying opportunities to serve the local Hispanic community makes them a natural partner for La Sangre Llama.

For more information, contact the La Sangre Llama series executive producer, Ann Gillespie, CEO of ProLingua, Inc. at 615-467-3026.
The Tennessean's advance report of the event is here. The group's Facebook page is here.

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