Monday, November 29, 2010

R.I.P. Maria Oza Gonzales 1990-2009

Maria Oza Gonzales
12/1/1990 - 11/28/2009
A year ago yesterday, Nashville teenager Maria Oza Gonzales died crossing Gallatin Road, after she got off one of two jobs she was working at Opry Mills.  She was less than a week away from her 19th birthday.

Maria's mother, Lisa M. Gonzales, is pushing for improvements in pedestrian safety after no charges were filed against the man whose vehicle struck her daughter.

Stories about the vigil recently held by Lisa Gonzales, and the reform she is asking for, aired this past week on Channel 5 and Channel 4.  Earlier this year, Channel 5 reported on the video that was released that showed the moment of impact, and on the decision not to file charges against the driver.

Stories that appeared last year following the collision appeared on Channel 5 (story about a fund being set up), Channel 4, the City Paper, and on the Nashville Police web site.

The text of Lisa Gonzales' Petition to improve pedestrian safety is here:
I, Lisa M. Gonzales is calling out to the Great City of Nashville, TN. I come to the people of Nashville to assist me in making Nashville a safer community. I know a lot of people seen the News footage of my daughter Maria Oza Gonzales whom was killed on November 28th 2009 on Gallatin Pike in front of K Mart.
What I am requesting is that the city of Nashville Tennessee place side walks, crosswalks, better lightening through this area.

I am also requesting that the speed limit to be reduced to 30mph in the said locations that is coming close to a school zone in such case that where Maria Gonzales was killed. I am also requesting that the two bus stops be placed inside the K Mart parking lot as you see in the Wal-Mart stores. The other bus stop in question needs to be removed or a cross walk with cautions light signs also need to be placed to allow drivers to know that there is pedestrians in that area trying to cross the road.

To many peoples lives have been taken and nothing done to the person whom has killed these people. I believe by the community as we stand to do what is right and make a difference we are making a change for the better of the community safety. Last year alone over 400 people have been seriously injured and or have lost there lives leaving there families, friends and loved ones in devasted and missing there beloved one behind.

I also believe that the law needs to be changed that if proven that the driver of the car is speeding or under the influence no matter of what coloring of clothing the driver will be facing 15 to 25 years in the state prison for murder.

Please sign this petition and help change Nashville to make it a better and safer place for our children children. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Thank you for taking your time to sign May God Bless and Keep you.

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