Sunday, November 21, 2010

Truly thankful

A while back, I put out the call for ad ideas based around one of these three stock photos of construction workers and homeowners. The above ad is the product of that brainstorm.

The ad shows two people visiting their home, under construction, with the wife shaking the hand of the construction worker. There are two captions. The first shows what the homeowners are thinking:
We'll always be thankful for your work - except if we go into politics.
And the second caption carries the message of the ad:
At Thanksgiving, avoid politics. But in politics, don't avoid the immigrants you're thankful for.
This message does not just refer to politicians like Meg Whitman who gratefully accept work without knowing the workers' immigration status. Many Americans are in the same boat. We have had suspicions about the status of immigrant workers we've met face to face, we say thanks every fourth Thursday in November for the blessings those workers have made possible, and then we forget those blessings when immigration politics come up.

We know we should be more thankful than that.

Feel free to share the ad, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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