Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nashville Film Festival starts Thursday; don't miss Musica Campesina and other "Hispanic interest" flicks

The Nashville Film Festival runs this Thursday, April 14, through next Thursday, April 21, and there are a number of "Hispanic Interest Films In Competition," according to the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, whose president Yuri Cunza sits on the NaFF board.

One of the films, "Musica Campesina," about a Chilean man discovering Music City USA, was filmed in Nashville by Chilean author/filmmaker Alberto Fuguet.  A number of Nashvillians supported the film behind and in front of the camera. Showtimes and trailer below.

In addition to "Musica Campesina" and the other films listed below, there are even more selections from Latin American nations and picks that would be of particular "Hispanic interest" - just check out the online program guide at pages 90-93, the quick-reference schedule grid, the iPhone app, or the NaFF web site.

Edited to add this comment from Yuri Cunza:

Our Celebrating Hispanic Themed Films reception at the Liberty Party Tent is Monday, April 18 at 9 PM, and Luci is our guest performer. The following films are scheduled that day; ticket holders are invited to the party at 9 PM. (Spanish language info HERE)

Summer of Goliath 2:30 PM
The Last Summer of La Boyita 7:45 PM
My Life With Carlos 7:45 PM
Aardvark 10:00 PM

Also we have changed the award we present during the festival to "Best Hispanic Themed Film" (program guide page 18) given that great productions about Hispanic life and culture have also been created by non-Hispanics.

Hispanic Interest Films in Competition

The Last Summer Of La Boyita
Director: Julia Solomonoff / Argentina
Thu, Apr 14, 07:15 PM / Mon, Apr 18, 07:45 PM
Young Jorgelina feels estranged from her boy-crazy older sister, who has entered adolescence and doesn't want to hang around with little kids anymore. Finding refuge in their Boyita camper-van, Jorgelina travels with her father to the countryside, where her lifelong playmate Mario is undergoing some unexpected changes of his own.

Director: Abner Benain / Panama
Fri, Apr 15, 10:00 PM / Wed, Apr 20, 12:15 PM
This hilarious comedy tells the story of Toña and Paquita, the housekeepers for the aristocratic González-Dubois family. These domestic employees have been mistreated for quite some time and they are tired of their situation. So when the family plans a shopping trip to Miami, the maids have a plan of their own - to take control of the mansion. Unexpectedly, they will also discover a long-held family secret. Starring Francisco Gattorno, Rosa Isabel Lorenzo, Aida Morales and Maria Alejandra Palacios.

Director: Kitao Sakurai
USA / Argentina, 2010, 80 min.
Sun. 4/17 2:45pm / Mon. 4/18 10:00pm
In a role inspired by his own life, Larry Lewis plays a man recovering from alcoholism and working towards stability. When he joins a Jiu Jitsu academy, he finds a friend in his instructor, Darren. But, as disturbing aspects of Darren's life are revealed, Larry finds himself faced with the consequences of a horrific act of violence.

Musica Campesina
Director: Alberto Fuguet, Chile / USA
Sun, Apr 17, 05:00 PM
Alejandro Tazo, a 30-something Chilean, arrives at Nashville on a Greyhound bus from the West Coast. Why is he here? How did he get here? What will he do in Music City?

Summer of Goliath
Director: Nicolas Pereda - Mexico/Canada
Sun, Apr 17, 05:30 PM / Mon, Apr 18, 02:30 PM
Shocked by her husband's sudden departure, Teresa embarks on a mission to find out what happened. Instead of finding answers, her mission becomes a journey through the streets and homes of the people she meets. Blending fiction and documentary, her wanderings portray the town and its inhabitants. Constructed through characters and the village's corporeal landscape, we drift with Teresa through spaces and people suffering the effects of lost loved ones, broken promises, disconnection and eternal longing.

The Last Circus
Director: Alex de la Iglesia / Spain
Wed, Apr 20, 10:00 PM
Not since Todd Browning's "Freaks" has the circus been home to this much horror! Winner of Best Director and Best Screenplay at the 2010 Venice Film Festival, de la Iglecia has crafted a violent cabaret where two clowns fight over love of the same woman - and over the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. When his father is imprisoned by Franco, Javier is charged with avenging him. Cut to Madrid, 1973 and Javier has taken his father's place in the circus and has fallen in love with Sergio, a violent man's girlfriend - and the revenge begins. Starring Santiago Segura, Antonio de la Torre and Raul Arevalo.

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