Friday, May 6, 2011

About the economy

Matt Davies

The U.S. is a heap of bad, good, and goofy. Take May 5 throughout U.S. history: it was a day Congress approved the Chinese Exclusion Act (bad), a day we liberated a Nazi concentration camp (good), and now it's becoming day we revel in alcohol over mumbled Spanish (goofy).

Bill Clinton said that there is nothing wrong with the United States than cannot be fixed by what is right with the United States. Aside from the immigration bureaucracy, which I blog about a lot, there are a lot of macroeconomic dilemmas facing the United States (see the cartoon above), and I wonder whether we are even coming close to summoning the "right" in America, so that it can be used for the fixing of what is wrong.

As a result, I've been tempted to flip a switch here at and blog about the economy more. The dollar losing its high esteem and the possibility that the federal government might lose its sky-high credit rating are both disastrous for the welfare of our country, and getting distracted by reality-TV pop culture and not concentrating on the hard problems is also bad.

Anyone else out there feeling this? Is a good place to think about the economy?

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