Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hispanic Cultural Heritage Foundation and Destellos Culturales de Nashville bring youth, culture, and education together

Smiling young Nashville dancers. Source: Destellos Culturales de Nashville

The Tennessean has a story out today on The Hispanic Cultural Heritage Foundation, an effort to get Nashville's children and young adults into the arts through cultural expression.

If you've seen a live performance of traditional Mexican dancing in Nashville, you might have seen the Foundation's dance troupe Destellos Culturales de Nashville.

Destellos Culturales performers with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, August 2010
The objectives of the program go beyond just the arts, according to the Destellos Culturales web site:
  1. That children who participate in the group be able to study in a university and gain an excellent academic and professional level, improving both the style of life they lead as well as the economic conditions in which they are embedded.
  2. That the participants develop artistic skills in dancing, acting and sports.
  3. To give parents an opportunity to specialize in a trade to improve their income, thus having a better family welfare.
  4. To integrate families, in which parents and children involved in dancing, traveling, decorating, invent and enjoy the experience to share culture, art, sports, etc.
  5. To keep participants away from vandalism, alcohol and drugs by inviting them to a positive change imbued with history, dance, culture, sport and a healthy lifestyle.
The Destellos/Foundation leadership includes Maria Antonieta Strain, Director; Patricia Vivanco, Dance Coordinator and board member; and board officers Ramon CisnerosCarlos Tirres, and Cinthia Padilla.

(L-R) Maria Antonieta Strain and Patricia Vivanco
(L-R) Cinthia Padilla, Carlos Tirres, and Ramon Cisneros 

The full Tennessean story is at

The Destellos Culturales web site is

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