Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Giovanni Delgado floats Parthenon onto American Artisan Festival poster

The 41st American Artisan festival was held last weekend in Centennial Park. The poster image was designed by Watkins College of Arts & Design student Giovanni Delgado, a Mexican-American.

Here's how the poster came about, according to the festival:
Every year, The American Artisan festival reaches out to Watkins Art Institute to help us find a local designer who can design the poster for the festival. The only creative requirement is that the student must work The Parthenon - Centennial Park's prized gem - into the design. Each year the poster has become a collector's item in its own right and we love to honor the artistic freedom of artists in everything we do - right down to the poster.

This year's winner is Giovanni Delgado - we thank you for your inspiring view of the Parthenon somehow uplifted and floating in the breeze of Centennial Park. So magical!
To see Delgado's artwork as it appears alongside the poster text, click here.

Delgado's web site is giovannidelgado.com. He plans to return to Watkins in the fall.

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